My research lies at the intersection of Humanitarian Innovation, Human-Computer Interaction and Design. I have conducted research in relation to improving health, food security, everyday security and community resilience in humanitarian and migration contexts (Middle East, Europe and Australia). I have also explored the use of varying design approaches when designing technologies with refugees.


Developing an innovative design solution to improve uptake and continuity of antenatal care among Syrian refugee women in the Bekaa, Lebanon

Piloting Synchronous Interactive Voice Response systems to improve refugee access to healthcare in the Bekaa, Lebanon

Designing mental health apps to support young refugees and asylum seekers in Austria

Designing technologies for assessing early childhood speech and language development in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Palestine

Food Security

Designing technologies to improve food security among Syrian refugees in the Bekaa, Lebanon

Redesigning humanitarian blockchain technologies for collective purchasing & refugee food security

Exploring the acceptability & feasibility of wearable cameras in children food environment research studies in urban Lebanon and Tunis

Everyday Security

Understanding the interplay between the ‘digital’ and sense of every day security among newcomers in Sweden

Community Resilience

Exploring the role of technologies in building refugee community resilience

Design in Humanitarian Contexts

Working towards Design Justice in Humanitarian Innovation

Developing an intersectional conceptual framework for designing technologies for refugees and asylum seekers in Australia

Critical reflections on design in humanitarian contexts

Designing Interaction Design Methods to Engage Rural Kenyan Communities in Off the Grid Energy Sharing

Data science & field design methods for supporting crisis informatics in conflict zones